This Morning’s Coffee To Sell For Between $1 and $1.20

08 Mar This Morning’s Coffee To Sell For Between $1 and $1.20

HAHA, We just had the below article shared with us and thought it was a great example of how crazy some agents sound when talking price with buyers. Have a read and a laugh:)

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A small flat white is expected to fetch north of $1, a real estate agent was told at his local café this morning.

The coffee – which eventually changed hands for $3.80 – went well above the quoted price, but was a reflection of market conditions, the café’s owner said.

“We were surprised by the strong interest in this coffee. It certainly surpassed our expectations,” owner Mark Crawford said.

The real estate agent said he was caught unawares by the price, and was not able to secure the coffee. “I only came in here with $1.50 to spend – which is a good 20% above the upper end of what they were quoting, so I’m pretty gutted that I’ve walked out of here today without a flat white,” he said.

The café’s owner said he was unaware of sales of similar coffees in the area, which all reached between $3.50 and $4.

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