As a licensed real estate agent I have had more conversations with people about real estate and property than I have had hot showers and there is nothing worse than hearing a buyer brag to me or worse a group of people at a social function about the bargain property they bought because the seller was not educated about the sale process or the agent that was selling their home did not have the experience or was not very good at their job. Imagine that was you or your property they were talking about!
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You only get one chance to list your property on the market for sale so you need to make sure it is done right. You never get a second first impression!

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Why do so many home owners sell their property below market value rather than at a premium price?

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Let’s look at the advertising campaign – Why do so many agents attract the wrong buyers to a property when the property is first listed for sale which is the most crucial time in the sale process? We will share strategies with you on how to attract to your home not only the right buyers looking in your suburb for a property but also buyers looking for a home in neighboring suburbs as well.

Why fish in a little pond with the wrong bait when you can fish in the ocean with a net?

The secret to a premium sale price is in understanding The Five Rules of Buyer Behaviour and how to make sure you position your property when selling to capitalise on these behaviors and get them to work in your favour rather than the buyers.

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We are happy to offer this information completely obligation free in the hope that if you find it informative and helpful, we may get the opportunity to one day talk with you about the sale of your home.